Oh yes, Valley Fair. It’s one of the staples of Minnesota summers. And honestly, one of my favorite places to visit period. I actually ended up going there last weekend and had a pretty awesome time. It was the first time in five years that I had been there. I forgot how much fun it could be. Let’s be realistic though – if it’s a nice day, and on a weekend – Valley Fair is absolutely packed.



I was overwhelmed at the ocean of vehicles I saw when I pulled into the parking lot. More people typically means you will get to ride less rides due to the sheer length of the lines. If you only have enough time to go on a handful of rides, I’m going to help you out. In my opinion, these are the top 5.

  1. Wild Thing
  2. Steel Venom
  3. High Roller
  4. Renegade
  5. Corkscrew

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