So, recently, the website Reddit put this out there, and the answers were totally spot on.  Some of them were super funny, and others were just these crazy, very true statements.

Annoyed Man

One of the things was the invisible X that shows up on gaming ads.  And not only the invisible ones, how about the ones that show up and nothing happens other than taking you to another ad.  This is SO ANNOYING!

Some of the other things that were pointed out were the "you only have 2 articles left".  Whatever.  I get annoyed with click bait.  Like the celebrity ones.  For instance... "People didn't even realize these celebrities were dead", and there is a picture of Angelina Jolie or something.  She is very much alive, by the way.

The funny one I saw was "1 ply toilet paper".  Seriously, what in the actual F***????  You need to use like 2-3 times the amount of paper than you would normally use if people would just pony up the extra buck.  Or whatever the cost is, I don't care!  Get 2 ply toilet paper!!!!!

Anyway, you can see them all here.  It's pretty funny, and oddly satisfying to see everyone else in the world who feels much the way you do, yourself.




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