In this time of social media, and trying to sell things the easy way, by just posting a picture yourself, upload and boom.  You may have already made a sale.  So, this may have been a selling tactic, I'm guessing not, but this woman's "breastages" are on display as well as the furniture she is trying to sell.

Getty Images

Now, the good thing... for her... is that the mirror that shows her tatas is pretty small.  You'd have to really zoom in so you could see them.  But, most people would probably do that if they were interested in the furniture.  And then they would get a "bonus".

The next embarrassing thing is that the person who noticed was the woman's daughter.  Now they both can be embarrassed.  Except the daughter posted the picture on Twitter!  Girl, you're grounded!


What I don't understand is why the woman is naked or at least topless in the first place.  Why?  You are just walking around naked and decide that now is a good time to take a picture of your furniture you are selling?  Maybe it's just me, but I think that's a bit strange.

So- be careful next time you are posting a picture of something if there are any mirrors around.  Fair warning.