John apparently had something so much more pressing going on tomorrow so we can't do the normal Friday joke deal.  Here it is- Thursday and he came in with a couple of jokes.  One was actually sent to him by someone who used to work here, has been listening to his horrible jokes and thought he could help out.  NOPE!  Probably one of the worst ones he has tried to tell.

Then, to try and make up for it, he told us another one.  Not much better.

Crickets, i'm telling you.  Crickets!  It is out opinion that he needs to stick to his sales career and not try to become some sort of stand up comedian.  Dude.  Stick to what you know.  Ha!  Being the nice people that we are, we will still continue to support his new found career.  Because our hearts are in the right place and that's what friends are for.

Until next week- Cheers!

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