We have all been hearing about how the food shelves during the pandemic have needed some help.  There are three bakeries in Minnesota that are taking that to heart and providing what they are calling "neighbor loaves".  This is generating some special loaves of bread to food shelves around Minnesota.

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Ales Krivec@aleskrivec

These loaves of bread are at least 50% grains and go to local food shelves.  This program was started by the Artisan Grain Collaborative.  That is an organization that does it's best at uniting farms, processors, bakers and of course, people who love and eat bread.  Which is almost everyone.

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According to an article by Kare 11, one thing that the director of the Artisan Grain Collaborative noticed was that most of the food shelves around Minnesota had a lack of bread.  And this wasn't just at any of the food shelves, it was also at many of the grocery stores around the area.  So, she started to gather ingredients to be able to make and process these  breads for the food shelves.  They also sell them at 3 bakeries located around Minnesota.  Those bakeries include:

This bread is so good and very nutritious, that when people are calling in their orders from the bakery, that they usually will also order a "neighbor loaf" too.  And these donations to the food shelves help so many families.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there were about 120 loaves being made per week, and that has been on a consistent basis throughout the pandemic.  I'm guessing even after it's over (let's hope that is soon) that these breads will continue to be a favorite.

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