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  • Motley Crue has announced that they will be releasing an official line of sex toys later this year.
  • Queen guitarist Brian May is urging Donald Trump to "cease and desist" on using the song "We Are The Champions" without permission.
  • Producer Sandy Pearlman, who worked with The Clash and Blue Oyster Cult died at the age of 72. Pearlman suffered a cerebral hemorrhage in December.
  • The plaintiff suing Led Zeppelin claiming Zeppelin plagiarized the “Stairway to Heaven” intro has sent in an appeal, after a judge had found them not guilty.

All in all, not too much happening in the world of Music News. Not that I am complaining by any means, but sometimes no news is the best news.

Except, Motley Crue and sex toys? I guess that doesn't really surprise me.

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