So, at the beginning of this pandemic, we saw people hoarding toilet paper.  I had no idea why that was happening, and honestly, I still don't.  It was so bad, that there had to be limits put on how many packages of toilet paper you could buy.  I'm still wondering where these people stored all of that product.  I mean, I buy it in bulk- one package at a time, and I hardly have room for that one package, let alone 5 or 6 of those giant packs.

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Anyway, now since the price of wood- lumber has gone up so much, that is affecting the paper industry.  I keep forgetting that when wood is processed, it can make paper, which does include toilet paper.  Sounds like it would never be soft, but it is... if you get the "better" paper, not that one ply crud.  Anyway, price of wood up, toilet paper price up.

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Toilet paper prices increased 15.6% during the 52 weeks ending May 1 compared to the year prior, according to the latest numbers from NielsenIQ, which tracks point of sale data from retailers.

This isn't JUST because of the price of wood, it is also because of the shortages caused by the pandemic.  And of course, people who were hoarding, and the delay in shipments.  Now, if you go into big box stores for paper products, there generally isn't a limit on product purchases, but the price point has gone up, or is going up.  This isn't great news.  And it's not just toilet paper. This includes any paper or tissue product.

Hopefully this issue gets resolved sooner than later.  I understood when houses were more expensive to build, but now, paper products?  UGH!

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