Well, if there was ever  a time to hope for warmer winter weather with little to no snow, this would be the time for that.  The annual Twin Cities Auto Show will go on this year, but it will be held outside at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Thorsten Wagner/Getty Images
Thorsten Wagner/Getty Images

Normally, the show is held at the Minneapolis Convention Center.  But with COVID uncertainty, the decision was made to move the event outdoors.  And, there is another change- because of the uncertainty of Minnesota Winter weather, the event will be held May 15-23.  This is so that the possibility of warmer, more predictable weather will be available.

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The sad part of this news is that we're talking May.  May of 2021.  I really hope that we aren't needing to deal with this level of coronavirus protocols that far into the new year.  Our events that happen every  year that  have been put on hold virtually the entire 2020 need to come back.  I think everyone is feeling the COVID fatigue.   People want things to go back to normal... at least as close to normal as possible.  But especially heading into next Summer. The busiest time for events in the Midwest.  But at least most of those events are outside.  But there would still be crowds of people involved.  Let's hope with the vaccine coming that we can go back to somewhat normal  by that time.  The Twin Cities Auto Show event is just doing this now as a precaution, so they can at least plan an event this far in advance.

There are also some other advantages to having the event outdoors next year:

Tickets are available at a discount price.  For purchase and more information go to twincitiesautoshow.com.  

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