What a claim to fame!  The ugliest dog in the world 2018 is an English Bulldog.  And is from Anoka, Minnesota.  He looks like a cartoon.  He has an obnoxiously long tongue, a crazy pronounced under bite, and a wide stance.  Seriously.  He looks like the bulldog from the Looney Tunes cartoons.

The dogs name is Zsa Zsa.  Like Gabor.  I wonder if she knew her namesake was the Ugliest Dog in the World what she would say... Yikes!  Although maybe she would be honored to have the same name??

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This contest has been going on for years!  And quite honestly, the dog that won last year I didn't think could ever be beat.  Even though this dog is really messed up looking, last years dog could have scared rats.  I'm not kidding.  Scary.

According to Zsa Zsa's owner, she is just a love bug.  Yes- a face that a only a mother/owner could love.

Wonder what kind of a dog will win next year... and who feels that their dog is so ugly that they actually enter their pet into the contest.  Good Luck???

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