You don't have to be a Minnesota Viking's fan to be totally impressed with the wide receiver's success in the NFL.

Without a doubt, one of the best receivers in the NFL.  And it wasn't the fairy tale trip to where he is, like most other NFL superstars.

Thielen played high school football in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. He was a big fan of both Chris Carter and Randy Moss as he watched the Vikings growing up.

What is so amazing is that when he finished college football at Mankato, not one bit of interest in his talents. I'm not familiar with his college football stats but they must have been somewhat impressive.

He was all set to take a job as a sales guy for a dental lab in Fargo. This choice in life must have been heart wrenching when all he wanted to do is play football.

He managed to convince his wife to agree to one last gasp at playing pro football.  At his own expense, he traveled to tryout camps before finally catching someone's interest and ending up on the Vikings practice squad.

The rest in history in the making. He is one of the top receivers in the NFL and an inspiration to young people everywhere.  Imagine if he had given up on his dream.. .

Getty Images, Otto Greule Jr.
Getty Images, Otto Greule Jr.

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