I think everyone pretty much remembers where they were on September 11, 2001.  It's become a day that we all just say... yes.  I remember where I was, and then go into a story about the day and we can all relate.  You don't even have to say the actual year.  It's just 9/11.

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But until 8:46am or so, there was other news that happened that day.  Other news that has been over shadowed by the events of the day and for several days afterwards.  Actually events that people are still talking about til this day, 17 years later.

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There was quite a bit of political headlines that were being talked about earlier in the day, along with the possible comeback of Michael Jordan.  There was fashion week that was being covered.  That coverage actually stopped in the middle, as reporter/correspondent Lara Spencer left and headed to the World Trade Towers.

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Now there is a memorial in the place where the towers once stood.  I haven't been there as of yet, but I would really like to go.  I have heard from many people that it is very worth the trip, and it does do the victims justice.

Always remember.  9/11/01