And here I thought it just meant I needed to broaden my wardrobe and just add some color because I'm super boring.

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American Recordings

And honestly, it still might mean that, but according to this study, people who wear all or mostly all black are sometimes perceived as successful, taking care of themselves and their work, and sometimes a bit neurotic.

Along with this- people who wear all black are usually overwhelmed, or are overwhelmed easily, and may be struggling with a lack of focus.  Wearing all black gives the perception of "having it together" which could not be further from the truth... in some cases.  Now- that one might actually describe me a bit better.

Easy to pick clothes when there is only a color or two.  And everything basically matches, and looks kind of dressy without trying too hard.  There- I just got rid of the idea that black clothes means you are totally classy and success driven.  Not always!

But if you are one of those people who wear mostly black (like me) CHEERS to you!

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