As a guitarist an aspiring studio engineer, there’s plenty of gear out there to get your hands on and tinker around with. It usually takes a while for any musician to figure out what kind of gear they enjoy using, and I am no exception.

I’ve spent years experimented with different guitar brands, various amps, and several pedals and effects. After years and years of experimenting with different gear, I think I’ve discovered my favorite piece.


It’s a guitar pedal that just so happens to be a sitar simulator called “Ravish Sitar” by Electro Harmonics. Now, if you’re not familiar with what a sitar is, you’ve probably heard it in every Middle Eastern piece of music that has ever caressed your ears. Do a quick YouTube search for “sitar.”

You’ll recognize the weird, trippy tone instantly. As someone who loves weird, Middle Eastern music, this pedal is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. If I were stranded on an island with nothing but my guitar, amp, and this pedal, I could live out the rest of my days pretty happily.

I happened to pick up this little treasure at a local music store called Riff City Guitar and Music Company. If you’re a local musician, you should definitely check this place out. Cool and helpful employees and awesome gear. I’m pretty thrilled with my recent purchase. I figure if I can find something as off the wall as a sitar simulator there, you could probably get anything you needed from them.

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