If you needed another reason not to shop at Walmart anymore, this might put you over the edge. Actually, it's really not fair of me to single out Walmart. Mostly, it's these living brain donors who think it's fun to lick ice cream in stores or spit in juice bottles and put it back on the self.

Well, this one sinks to a new low. A woman in Pennsylvania went into a Walmart and saw potatoes on display at floor level, dropped her pants, squatted and commenced to urinate on the potatoes.


She then pulled up her pants and walked out of the store. An employee happened to witness the whiz attack on the spuds and removed the soiled potatoes and cleaned the display area.

Security cameras managed to spot the woman leaving the store and pictures quickly circulated online. Eventually the 20 year old woman turned herself in. She is now facing charges of indecent exposure and being drunk in public.

Now, the big question, why?  "Not thinking" and she claims she doesn't even remember doing it.

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