They say a dog is "Man's Best Friend".  That is probably true.  Always there to greet you when you come home, unconditional love and always happy.  Love having a dog as a pet.  But, would your dog save you if there came a time that there was an emergency and you needed help.

Laura Bradshaw TSM St Cloud
Laura Bradshaw TSM St Cloud

Turns out, without training, most dogs would at least try, with a little bit of training, they would try harder and probably eventually succeed, and with some real training, definitely!

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I often wonder about this.  I have little dogs... or have always had a smaller dog.  We're talking like 10 pounds or less.  Even though I knew the little guys care about us, I tend to doubt their capabilities regarding any sort of rescue.  But I am also amazed at how innovative they can be when they want something.  And determined.  Like if there are treats on a shelf.  My dog would try and try to get those things and would probably eventually succeed if I didn't move them.  Same with wanting anything... treats, toys, food, some object... all the same.  Won't give up until satisfied. So, at least I would guess they he would probably bark incessantly until someone took notice if there was an issue.

But here is what a few different studies found-I knew food could be a driving factor.

The study did find that the dogs used in these studies were possibly trying to reduce their own stress instead of the stress of their owners.  But I say 'Whatever works'.  You can check out all of the factors playing into this study here.  

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