Deep Thoughts

Really? Are You Really Too Busy?
Don’t you just love it when you ask someone to do a task and they give you a ten minute explanation of why they don’t have time? I had this happen to me last week and it took everything I had not to punch this guy in the gut.
Light Up Or Leave Me Alone [VIDEO NSFW]
Happy 4-20. If you didn't realize it's a holiday today, just go about your business. There's nothing to see here. Suffice to say, Jeff Lebowski is the patron saint of this 'green' holiday. If you really like this... 'pass it on'.
Really? My Dog Doesn’t Like You?
I've finally been able to start going for walks again and getting my little pup out for some exercise and fresh air. He is really little and so damn cute that he’s kind of the hit of the neighborhood. People always stop us and comment and want to pet him.
Really? Can’t Take the Time to Look Up?
I was standing outside getting some fresh air at my workplace yesterday and I happen to notice this young guy walking down the street. I started watching him because he had his head down the entire time looking at his phone as he was walking.

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