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Ted Nugent Explodes in Profane Rant on CBS News
Ted Nugent responded to the notion that he’s not a moderate during an interview on ‘CBS This Morning’ by, well, flipping out a bit, offering — in off-color language — to perform sexual acts on both the male reporter and a nearby female producer if th…
Ringo Wants to be a Movie Starr
The former Beatle drummer is in talks to develop a film and from the sounds of it, it's going to be a biopic without actually being a biopic and the story sounds pretty familiar.
‘Rock of Ages’ Soundtrack Track List Revealed [VIDEO]
The upcoming movie 'Rock of Ages' features a lot of big name actors singing some of classic rocks biggest hits. I'm fully aware that being excited for this movie makes me kind of nerdy, but I'm not so sure how I feel about this soundtrack. Check out which movie star has (more tha…
‘LOST’ Creator Hints the Show Could Return
It’s been a solid two years since ‘LOST‘ finally ended its historic run with the divisive, yet aptly-titled “The End,” but the rumor mill hasn’t stopped churning with ideas and possibilities for a way to continue the Island stories so richly chronicled on ABC.  After all, with many of ‘LOST’s myster…
‘Flinstones’ is a No Go
When the news first broke last fall that 'Family Guy' creator Seth McFarlane was working on a new version of the 'Flintstones', I was ecstatic. McFarlane is so creative I was really looking forward to seeing his take on the classic cartoon. Now the new project has been given the …
Two New Trailers Hit for G.I. JOE: Retaliation [VIDEO]
With all the hype surrounding the Avengers movie, we almost forgot about The Joe's. But we're not about to let the the slippery snakes at COBRA win- so here are TWO new trailers for GI Joe:Retaliation that were just released last night!

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