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Jack Osbourne Fired for Having MS
Ozzy Osbourne's 26 year old son Jack revealed last weekend that he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in April. Now he has revealed the diagnosis has cost him a job.
Jack Osbourne Talks About MS Diagnosis
Earlier this week, Jack Osbourne revealed he had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, but what he didn't say was how he figured out what was going on. Now, he's talking about what led him to seek help.
Roger Clemens Verdict: Not Guilty
A jury acquitted Roger Clemens on all charges Monday in his federal perjury trial, deciding the seven-time Cy Young Award winner did not lie when he denied ever using performance-enhancing drugs in front of a Congressional committee in February of 2008.
Jack Osbourne has been Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis
Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack recently revealed that he has been diagnosed with the incurable disease multiple sclerosis. Jack is 26 years old and was shocked with the news in April, just two weeks after his fiance Lisa Stelly gave birth to their first child.
Def Leppard Gives Concert on YouTube [VIDEO]
Def Leppard has been talking about doing this for about a week now and finally yesterday (Thursday) they came through. The band performed for their fans via their YouTube channel and they also took the time for a Q&A session.
The Rebirth of a Superstar — The Late Elizabeth Taylor
As amazing as it may seem, Lindsay Lohan is back to work in a big fashion, she has taken the role as the ever so beautiful yet late Elizabeth Taylor and you would never know the difference. Lindsay had to dye her hair a deep brunette shade and that with the lavender contact lens and boom: Elizabeth …

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