Justin Bieber Voted All Star MVP
There has been much 'buzz' about Biebs cutting his famous hair. (for a charity/publicity stunt). This story may have been overlooked...
Sloan’s Secret Stash- Deep Purple
This week we return to the era of hair bands and parachute pants, with a band that laid the groundwork for 80's heavy metal back in the late 60's and early 70's.
Oh My Stars & Garters
The cover is out for the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the model is 25-year-old Irina Shayk, who has appeared four other times.
Win A Bride For Valentines Day
No, this is not our Valentines Day promotion this year.
But I did find it odd that any radio station would do this. (Or be able to even pull it off)
Even with worldwide controversy, the 'Win a Wife' promotion is still on. Five finalists will chosen to win the grand prize and fly to the Ukrai…
Brett Favre Talks Trash To Lions, Then Advice To AP
This was from ESPN's 'Year of the Quarterback' program. Original air date was 2/6/11.
Watch as Brett Favre talks trash to a Lion player... then compliments Adrian Peterson's athletic ability.
Love him or hate him, what a joy it was to have him in the league...
Sloan’s Secret Stash – The Beatles
This week it's not so much rare as historic. On February 9th, 1964 the British Invasion landed on the shores of America as the world's biggest rock and roll act was beamed directly into unsuspecting living rooms across the country, subsequently creating an entire generation of rock and rol…
Is That A Cucumber In Your Pocket?
As you well know, the Superbowl isn't about football anymore. It's about the money to be made on the single biggest world-wide audience of the year. Advertisers scrimp and save for this moment. They fire employees so they can afford an ad. They count on the creative geniuses at ad agencies to turn t…

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