abstract Baxter


Last week, my wife informed me that we’ probably be having a lot more sex if we were drinking more. I laughed when she said it, then realized she was actually serious. First off, I don’t even drink and secondly, what’s the issue with having sex while we’re sober? Does she really need booze to go to bed with me? Please tell me the answer to that is “no’”!


Nick    St Cloud

Gee, Nick, that's a tough one.  There are few variables that could come into play here.  Is you wife a booze hound?  Is she sexually inhibited by nature?  Have you suddenly become hideous?  I have a feeling your wife might fall under the inhibited type.  Why not let her have a few  drinks beforehand.  Depending on age and health, sometimes alcohol can have an adverse affect on a guy's ability to perform..  In that case having sex can be a lot like of shooting pool with a piece of rope.  Hope this helps.


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