The KISS bassist knows his way around a woman's body and isn't afraid to talk about it, but he is hesitant to give advice to one person. 

The comment comes after celebrity gossip website TMZ asked Gene Simmons what he would tell Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow about the horizontal bop after Tim Tebow claims he is waiting until marriage to lose his V-Card. Gene says that "people of faith have better marriages" and that Gene is "a heterosexual" who "wouldn't have the guts to tell another guy what to do." Gene is a firm believer in having sex all the time and that doing it will help create a stronger marriage and that the key is to "put out" but he "isn't interested in giving advice to less experienced men."

His wife, model Shannon Tweed wholeheartedly agrees and says that their relationship is more about sex than it is about romance. Gene and Shannon married in October after 28 years of "dating".

Raise your hand if you're shocked by this.