A person can get a costume for almost anything these days, right? Adults, kids, pets, etc. However, I've seen people put weird and stupid things on their cars before, but this has to be near the top of dumb stuff.

I’m driving up on a truck last night and it was one of those big, manly trucks. As I get closer, I see things sticking out on top of the windows. I decide to pass, mainly just to see what’s in the windows. As I pull up, I realize they’re little antlers, waving in the air, on both sides of the truck.

As I pass by, I see it’s a man driving the truck. Just this guy and his little antlers flying around in the wind. Ok,  no big deal, right? Until I totally pass him, get back in the right lane and look in my rear-view mirror and see the big red nose stuck to the front of the truck. Seriously, a reindeer car costume on this big truck?! I think this guy needs to get his balls back.