Have you ever been behind these people who are choosing or cashing in scratch-off tickets who clearly think the whole world revolves around them? I was in line at the gas station over the weekend and this is what I’m hearing from the guy first in line at the counter, “I’ll cash these in and I’ll take a, umm let’s see, what’s this game all about? Ok, ummmmm, I guess I’ll take one of these and a couple of those. Oh! I just won another dollar on this one. I’ll cash this one in as well.”

Of course he was also scratching them off as he was buying them! He’s an a$$hole. What else would you expect? As impatient as I am, the guy standing in front of me is holding 2 gallons of milk and a couple other things. I could see the steam coming out from his ears. If I had to guess his thoughts, I’m pretty sure they would have been, “How can I end this guy and get away with it?”

Here’s some advice for people who do this: Odds of winning the lotto, 1 chance in 175,223,510. Odds of getting your ass jumped in the parking lot, 100%.

I mean Really!

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