I was at the grocery two nights ago and I was really hoping that on a Monday night, the place would be close to empty. I couldn't have been more wrong. However, that wasn't the problem. The annoyance was as I’m strolling down the aisle with a cart, I come up on two couples talking. Not just two people, but two couples.

So, we've got four huge bodies, two carts blocking the aisle and then there’s me, coming up on them. They of course are oblivious to the fact that I’m trying to get through. I say, “Excuse me.” They are so involved in their conversation and they don’t hear or notice me. And how does that happen anyway? How are you having such an intense conversation in the middle of grocery store?

So anyway, I repeat “excuse me” and slightly nudge one of their carts. They look at me appalled like “How could she?!” At this point, in my mind I've already taken a hand swipe across the shelves and I see cans of corn and beans flying all over the place and I've overturned both of their carts and the place is in total chaos.

Instead, back to reality, they finally move aside just barely so I can push my cart through and it rubs up on them as I pass. I mumble something like, “Move it or lose it, Chunkers.” I’m hoping they didn't hear that part. The last thing I need is to be banned from another grocery store.