This could pretty much write itself, couldn’t it? I can’t even believe that I still see this out on the roads, but there it was in black and white yesterday while driving home from work. Texting and driving and this jackass lady wasn’t even trying to hide it, even though it’s illegal.

First of all, she’s barely moving on the highway, which is a hazard in itself. Second, I can see her eyes in the mirror going up, down, up and down. And third, as I pass her car she’s holding the phone up by the wheel so there’s no question what she is doing. Really, dumbass? Why don’t you just hold a beer bottle in your hand and sniff cocaine off your steering wheel. (Don’t get any ideas.)

Anyway, I pull into a gas station and lo and behold here comes numbnuts a few minutes later and pulls up right next to me to fill her tank. I feel I should say something so before I leave I simply say, “Excuse me, I noticed earlier on the highway that you were texting while you were driving. Do you know that is extremely dangerous not only to you but other drivers, as well as illegal?”

She responds with, “Yeah so, whatever!”  Oh, attitude huh? Well ok, I guess she’s asking for it.

So I ask her, “You know that piece of meat that sits between your ears?”


“I didn’t think you did, but you might want to try using it once a while.”

I mean Really!

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