The best thing that’s happened to my workplace in a long time is when a co-worker walked in on another co-worker sitting on the toilet. To make it even better, this bathroom is just a one toilet room that’s basically in the middle of a huge cubicle area. Sometimes when I walk past this bathroom, I hear noises coming out of it that only horror films are made from.

So, here are my thoughts on this situation: First of all, how do you do your business in this public area bathroom anyway? Second, why wasn't the door locked? Third, why was the door flung open so fast and so wide that the guy sitting on the toilet could see the look of horror on people’s faces all the way down the hallway? And lastly, when the door was flung open, why did the guy sitting on the toilet say, “Oh, sorry.” What the hell is he sorry about? He was the one peacefully sitting on the toilet until all hell broke loose.

However, the best part is when the person who opened door saw the guy on the toilet and yelled out, “Holy crap!” I think “holy crap” was right because it lingered throughout the office for the rest of the day.