I was out at a restaurant for dinner a few nights ago and there was a couple next to me with such bad table manners, that I wanted to seriously hurt them. They get their meal and the entire time it’s, *smack, smack, smack* chewing with their mouths open and the food is actually falling out of their mouths and then they grab it and eat it again. Disgusting!

Did I mention they ordered ribs? So after the smacking came the finger sucking. I want to throw up as I write this. *Suck, suck* The BBQ sauce is dripping down their chins which is wiped with their fingers and then sucked off. Why can't some people have manners?

Here’s an idea: Chew with your mouth closed, use a napkin, don’t suck your fingers and basically just don’t act like an A$$hole in public. If you feel the need to eat like a pig to a trough, keep it behind closed doors.