This ain't your boss's whiskey. It's not some brownish hooch stashed in the back of a desk. THIS IS PAPPY VAN WINKLE, DAMMIT! This is primo 20 year-old slosh, son. The kind of smooth, barrel-aged whiskey that commands a Grant an ounce in Manhattan watering holes. 

In October, 195 bottles of the prime throat-gloss went a-missin' from it's old Kentucky home in the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Valued at around $26,000, local authorities have spared no procedure to track it down. Over 100 interviews, an extensive Craigslist search and blog-monitoring (Wait... there are bloggers in Kentucky?) have yet to reveal even a single clue as to the exquisite bourbon's whereabouts. The cops are so stumped, in fact, that on Monday the local sheriff offered up a $10K reward for info leading to the recovery of the Kentucky-made spirit.

Pappy is one of the most highly regarded bourbons in the country, and the black market is great with commerce of the stuff. Whiskey makin' is big business in Kentucky, and Pappy leads the pack by process and rarity. According to CBS News;

"...there are more barrels produced here than there are people. However, Pappy Van Winkle markets just 7,000 cases of its secret corn, wheat and barely recipe each year, making it one of the most prized and rare bourbons in the world. One bottle aged for 20 years can retail for more than $200."

Until now, much of its fame has been only whispered in highfalutin joints and high-rise offices, but with the recent heist, it's making people all over say in native Kentuckian; 'I gots to have me some!'.

If you have any information on the illegal sale of this fine bourbon, contact The Franklin County Sheriff or leave a tip on their Facebook page.