Been Using Huge Amounts Of Mobile Data Lately?
If you've noticed that you've been using up a lot more of your mobile data lately, Facebook might be to blame -- but there's a fix. Facebook has likely changed your phone settings to auto-play video in your feed, and that uses a lot of data. Here's what to do:
Danger: Facebook May Be Ruining Your Life
According to a story by AFP, Facebook may not only be driving your friends to hate you, it might also be driving YOU to hate you. Researchers say they're not sure why, but it appears the more you use Facebook, the less happy and less satisfied you become with your life.
Top Reasons People Unfriend You on Facebook
According to a new survey, the most annoying thing you can do on Facebook is brag. Two thirds of people have unfriended someone for bragging. Three in five have unfriended someone for sappy updates about their relationship. Here are more top reasons.
Social Media Becoming A Huge Pain In The Ass
A new survey on social media from a company called E-Score finds that while we use platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Facebook, a lot of us don't necessarily enjoy them. Why do people use social media if they don't like or trust it?
See the Other Things Facebook Changed on Your Profile
Earlier this week, Facebook changed all the default email addresses on its users’ profiles to a brand new address, @facebook.com. Sneaky yes, but was it really that big of a deal? Probably not since very few people are ever going to navigate through a Facebook profile to get an email address when it…
Bono is About to Become the Richest Musician in the World
As if Bono is strapped for cash...last year U2 hit the road and broke the record for the highest grossing world tour. Forbes Magazine reported in April of 2012 that U2 has a net worth of $838 million, and as of today (May 18) Bono will become the richest musician in the world due to an investment he…
Facebook Has A New Organ Donation Tool
Mark Zuckerberg wants to use Facebook to help those languishing at the tail end of organ donation lists.
So, starting today, the close to 200 million Facebook users in the United States and the United Kingdom will have the option to add that they are organ donors on their Facebook timeline.
Bob Marley Documentary to Stream on Facebook
There is a new Bob Marley documentary coming out next Friday (4/20/12) titled 'Marley'. Not only is the film going to hit theaters and video on demand, but it will be the first U.S. film to stream on Facebook at the same time.

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