new albums

Another New Jimi Hendrix Song Leaked
Last month, Jimi Hendrix's old sound guy leaked a track from Jimi's forthcoming album, and less than two weeks before the record drops, another new song has hit the web.
New Black Sabbath Album Has Title and Release Date
Black Sabbath announced their reunion on "Metal Day" 11-11-11, but since then, infighting and a cancer diagnosis seemingly have kept Black Sabbath from ruling the world, but come later this year, that will no longer be so.
Rolling Stones Talk About Their New Music
The Rolling Stones celebrated 50 years together this past summer and they're still cranking out the tunes. Here they discuss the new material and maybe drop some hints about their plans for 2013.
New Album News
One rocker is remaking his hits for a new record, an old band drops their 20th album today, one new album is being pushed back until fall and one is returning to an old band for new material.
Paul McCartney Needs Help
Sir Paul McCartney is reaching out to his musical peers for a new album and there are some pretty big names on the list.