Apparently I know very little about the banana.  For instance, I thought you should eat bananas when they are yellow and not green.  Little did I know I was completely wrong!  

It looks like the smarty-pants nutritionists are now saying that you should eat your banana when it is green and not yellow.

Rodney Bilton is an English biochemist, and he says green bananas are much higher in resistant starch - and I guess that's good for us cause it's the best kind of fiber we can eat, and it raises out metabolism.  Who knew?

They nutritionists also advise us to eat the peep too.  WTF?  Not sure if I could stomach the peel, but if you want to eat it you will be rewarded greatly by getting three times the fiber in the peel than the fruit itself.  You'll also get antioxidants and vitamins, plus you can lower your cholesterol.

See more at the Daily Mail 

You're welcome!