A lot of people are happy that the price of gas is dropping. national average is $1.99 a gallon with the price in our area a little higher but expected to drop.

So, fill up your tank and then what?  With all the temporary closings, there aren't many places to go lately.

Bars, dine in restaurants, gyms, dept stores, hair salons (not that I need one), concerts being postponed, doctor and dentist appointments are discouraged.  And we are getting more announcements of closings daily.


What are you doing with your time?  Might be a good time to read a book, spend more time with your family, catch up on all the stuff on your DVR or binge watch all those shows you've been planning to.

I guess, the best advice is to stay healthy and practice keeping your distance from others, for your health and theirs.

Hopefully, this will all pass and we will resume some normalcy, whatever that might be.

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