The Boardwalk Bar and Grill located in East Grand Forks decided that enough is enough and reopened on Wednesday despite Governor Walz's executive order.  They  had a post on their social media page talking about how "excited" they were to reopen.

The comments on the post were a mixture of support for the restaurant and the owners, and others were condemning them for not following the order and possibly extending the spread, and possibly making the closures extend for longer than anyone wants.

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Minneapolis based newspaper, The Star Tribune had one of their reporters speaking with the owner of the Boardwalk Bar and Grill who said that she feels that the order is "unconstitutional".

This is not the only restaurant and/or business that is defying the order, also saying that the shut down or "pause" is unconstitutional.   There seems to be some confusion as to what is constitutional and what isn't.  The Governor of a state does have the right for an emergency order and to protect the safety of people in the state.  The question may be if people believe that there is an actual emergency or not. That seems to be what the actual issue is.  So, if  you believe that there really isn't a need for the shutdown, and that people's safety isn't at risk, then you would most likely believe that the temporary closure is unconstitutional.

Let's hope this ends soon.

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