Oreos have got to be my favorite cookie.  At least as far as the ones that are store-bought.  But I like the regular ones.  The thin ones are good too, or even the minis.  But all in the regular flavor.  Someone once told me to try the vanilla ones because it would "change my life".  They didn't and I was underwhelmed.

So, every year... actually check that... every season there seems to be a new flavor of Oreo.  Are they really that popular?  Do people really like that much variety of Oreo?

Here is the latest that I just found in the store,... This one is for Valentine's Day.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

Limited edition- Love, Oreo.  What does that even mean?  Like what is the flavor?  It says sweet and tangy.  So... like a sweet tart, only they couldn't actually use Sweet Tarts?  Doesn't sound good at all.

Then there is this... And I LOVE carrot cake.  But let's just eat the carrot cake instead.

PHOTO: Laura Bradshaw

Although, I will admit that the cream cheese filling does sound a bit appealing.  But I'm standing with my original premise... let's stick with the original.