I will admit that earlier in my younger life, I have been known to have a bit of a lead foot.  At one point I had 5 speeding tickets in about a year and a half.  Not a record to be especially proud of.  But here we are, several years later, and without a speeding ticket.  Well, none in about 10 years.  The last one I had was in North Dakota and I was going 13 miles an hour over the speed limit.  Guess how much my ticket was... $13.  I mean, no wonder people speed there all of the time, that's not a huge penalty, but it does still affect your insurance rates.  But that's another story.

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I got another speeding ticket and broke my streak of none in 10 years and it was on University Drive in St. Cloud.  This is a four lane road that everyone goes an average speed of about 39mph.  That's 9 over the posted speed limit. Since that speeding ticket, that the officer mentioned that she gave be because she needed to make "an example".  Which is completely bogus, because who, other than me and anyone driving by at the time, would know about it?  Anyway, if you do go the actual posted limit of 30mph you will have every single car go around you, tailgate you and basically making it known that you are going "too slow".  Even though you are in the right... it's like speeding peer pressure.

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I get that that particular road has a lot of side streets that connect to it, so potentially there could be people turning off or turning onto the road, and that's probably why it's 30 mph.  But, if you encountered that on your drive, you can change lanes, or slow down or whatever is necessary to accomodate that situation.  It seems like it should be at least 35 if not 40.  There are left turn lanes on that road too.  So, seems that it would be a no brainer, especially since everyone is going around 40 anyway.  AND, I haven't seen anyone else pulled over on that road since and I drive that thing at least 3-4 times a day. I'm sure there have been, but I haven't seen any.  So much for the "example" that was made with my ticket.

What are your thoughts? Yes to remain at 30 or raise it to at least 35?

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