I haven't been up to Sartell since I moved away in '13. I was surprised at all the roundabouts they have put in.


I was used to the one by Walmart, that they put in years ago. The first time I used it, an old lady came around the wrong way and just about took me out. I thought, maybe it wasn't such a great idea to build the first one by a Walmart.

Whenever I was late for the morning show, I would claim that I was daydreaming in the roundabout and just kept going around and around until I finally woke up.

Anyway, now it seems they put one just about everywhere. Some places I don't see the need for a roundabout but I'm sure the Sartell city government knows what it's doing, right?

They are a great thing if people know how to navigate through them. But, there is always that driver that stops and waits until there is literally not another car in sight.

If you see me daydreaming in a roundabout, just lay on the horn and wake me up.  Thanks in advance.

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