Well, we certainly  have moved into a new territory here, now haven't we?  Up to now all we really needed to worry about is protecting ourselves from an STD and/or from getting an unwanted pregnancy.  Now, since COVID-19, studies are showing that we should also be wearing a mask.  That is, if you are with someone new, or someone with whom you don't live with.

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First off I'm thinking "are you serious"??  And apparently, yes, it's serious.  Good grief!

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Of course researchers have advised that the best way to avoid being exposed to the virus is to practice abstinence.  But for most, that is probably not feasible, or even desirable.  So, that's why they advise using the mask.  And also, not to engage in any sort of oral stimulation.  Let's be honest, that would be a little tough to do with a mask on, anyway, right?  This could be interesting....

Here's another little wrinkle... right now we are all supposed to have only up to 10 people at a gathering, and should stay outside if that gathering is to happen.  And in some countries (England) people are not allowed to have more than 2 people inside at a time... and that is just recently.  Up to just this week, they couldn't even have 2 people from 2 different living places in one place.  If they did, they could be arrested and/or fined for that.  Right now, people can have a person over... but that doesn't include meeting up for a "hook up".  Like I said... this could be interesting.  First of all, how would anyone know for sure?

Anyway... good luck enforcing this one... but as it states, this is just what is "advised". Not something that they will enforce, necessarily.  Still, might be interesting to see HOW exactly that would be enforced.


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