Yes, a 3 person sauna.  How cozy, right?  Costco is selling a 3 person sauna for one of their early Black Friday deals.  And it's portable.


The picture shows the thing seemingly in someone living room... right where you'd want a sauna, right?

I'm having a hard time picturing 3 people in a sauna together.  Just 3 buds hanging out?  Or 3 gal-pals?  Or a mixture of the two?  And why does it seem just inappropriate?  Is it inappropriate?  Or am I just having those inappropriate thoughts?  The questions continue.  Maybe they are just advertising it as a 3 person sauna just so you know that there is some extra room in there?  See?  The questions just continue.  But if you are interested in the thing, just add it to the list of "everything" that Costco seems to have for sale.  Pick up your bulk groceries, some clothing, toys, snacks, home goods, and hey, why not a 3 person sauna?  Holiday shopping DONE!


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