I just flew on Delta recently.  Like within the last 2 weeks.  I will say that I didn't order the coffee, tea, or use the on aircraft bathroom.  I try not to use public bathroom if at all possible, but sometimes it's just unavoidable,.  But now, it seems that bottled water is the way to go on an airline, and sue hand sanitizer if you need to wash your hands,.  The water may not be the cleanest....

Pacific Catering,United Airlines first class menu
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There was a ranking of clean water on specific airlines.  Minneapolis based Delta came in towards the bottom of the ranking.  It's not the worst.  That little "award" went to Spirit Airlines.  If you have a choice, apparently Alaska Air and Allegiant are the way to go.  And remember, Allegiant now flies to limited destinations out of the St. Cloud airport.  So you have that going for you, depending on where you want to go.  Otherwise, for now, stick to hand sanitizer and bottled water.


Here is the list of airlines from best to worst:

Alaska Airlines, 3.3

Allegiant Air, 3.3

Hawaiian Airlines, 3.1

Frontier Airlines, 2.6

Southwest Airlines, 2.4

Delta Air Lines, 1.6

American Airlines, 1.5

United Airlines, 1.2

JetBlue, 1

Spirit Airlines, 1


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