There was a time where I really looked forward to all the festivities that happened over the 4th of July. The food, family and great firework displays. Well, I still enjoy the food and family but since my dog, Astro became terrified of fireworks, the exploding gunpowder stuff has kind of lost it's appeal to me.

Astro wasn't always afraid of the fireworks. He used to just sit and watch them with us. Neighbors would light firecrackers. Didn't even phase him.

Then one day, Astro and I were hanging out on the deck at the lake and a neighbor set off one of those obnoxious aerial bombs. You know the ones. Those ones that shake the whole house.

Astro 3

Astro turned and looked at me like, WTF?  The look of terror on his face made it pretty evident this aerial bomb exploding had scared him like nothing else ever had in his whole life.

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He immediately headed for the bedroom closet and sat in there shaking for hours. Since then, it's the same reaction to any kind of exploding fireworks. In the closet, under the bed and I've even found him hiding behind the shower curtain in the bathtub.

You just have to feel sorry for their agony. It wouldn't be so bad it the fireworks were just happening right around the 4th, but they go on sometimes for the rest of the Summer.

So, maybe, if it's a week after the 4th and you feel the urge to light of some fireworks try this. As an act of courtesy, to muffle the sound a bit, maybe stick them up your rear end before you light them.  Astro would really appreciate it.

Is your dog petrified of fireworks?

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