I guess everyone is jumping on this band wagon.  The vegetarian style of KFC.  They are currently testing this what they are calling "beyond meat" at a restaurant in Atlanta.  If it does well, they will be filtering it in across the country.


I have had vegetarian burgers.  Really, as a non-vegetarian, they are not too bad.  Like i have no issue eating them at all.  They do taste different than a regular burger, but not at all inedible.

Chicken, however, might be a little weird.  It's one of those things where if I tried it, it wouldn't be something I would buy.  I would have to have someone else buy it, then I would have a "bite".  Then I will make my decision.

This is what has been said about it...

Plant-based meat substitutes may soon be an option for fast food chicken. CNBCreports that KFC will start testing Beyond Fried Chicken at an Atlanta restaurant on August 27th. Yes, you could grab a bucket of chicken without feeling quite so guilty -- or greasy, if Beyond Meat's earlier work is any indication. Whether or not availability grows will depend on feedback...

Sounds like Beyond didn't do so well at grocery stores, but maybe putting into a fast food restaurant will work.  We'll see.

Vegetarian chicken just seems weird.