I guess everyone is jumping on this band wagon.  The vegetarian style of KFC.  They are currently testing this what they are calling "beyond meat" at a restaurant in Atlanta.  If it does well, they will be filtering it in across the country.

fried chicken

I have had vegetarian burgers.  Really, as a non-vegetarian, they are not too bad.  Like i have no issue eating them at all.  They do taste different than a regular burger, but not at all inedible.

Chicken, however, might be a little weird.  It's one of those things where if I tried it, it wouldn't be something I would buy.  I would have to have someone else buy it, then I would have a "bite".  Then I will make my decision.

This is what has been said about it...

Sounds like Beyond didn't do so well at grocery stores, but maybe putting into a fast food restaurant will work.  We'll see.


Vegetarian chicken just seems weird.

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