The birthing center at the St. Cloud hospital always has a lot of babies... it's a birthing center, so it's a given.  But when it's the staff that works in the birthing center, that's a little different.

Paula Bronstein, Getty Images
Paula Bronstein, Getty Images

This past year brought out 32 babies!  This is just from the 31 staff members of the birthing center.  One person had twins.

This is sort of an ironic situation.  A Baby Boom at the birthing center.  Why not, right?  It wasn't so obvious at first that it was the entire staff... people would just announce that they were expecting, and there would be a sort of tally.  Mostly because everyone needed to be aware of when someone would be off for maternity leave.  Then when it kept going, it was sort of crazy when one by one, everyone of the staff members were announcing that they were pregnant.

This might get a bit challenging with maternity leave, huh?  Maybe something really is in the water there.

Happy New Year!

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