Another great one in the Attic this morning.  Off the "Eat a Peach" album, a song written by Allman Brothers' guitarist Dickie Betts.  The song is about Dickie's Native American girlfriend, Sandy "Blue Sky" Wabegijig.  Betts refused to play the song on stage for

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awhile after the couple broke up.

But nevermind Dickie's love life problems. It's too good of song on a beautiful day with an abundance of blue sky.

Oh, I might add to that blue sky, tolerable temps. Sunny and 70 today and to me that's a perfect day.

It won't be long til that blue sky is accompanied by sub zero temps.  you remember, right?  Air so cold your nostrils freeze up. Cold mornings where prying yourself out of a warm bed is the toughest thing you'll do all day.

Sorry about the frigid reminders, but just pointing out what a great day we have today.

Enjoy a rare Allman Brothers song featuring Dickie Betts on vocals.

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