Man, sometimes, you just can't make this stuff up.  We have all been in that situation where the GPS lady will have you making a turn where a road doesn't exist, or says to cross a body of water.


Obviously you know that in those situations you need to either overrule the GPS or at least look for a bridge.  Right?  Well, apparently this isn't obvious to everyone.

This just seems like the most ridiculous thing anyone has ever heard.  Who in the world would see the directions going over the Mississippi River, or any body of water for that matter and not look for a bridge first???  Wow.

Anyway, this guy was rescued by some firefighters and first responders and has a MILD case of hypothermia.  Glad he's going to be ok, but he really needs to reevaluate some of his thought processes. The man was not from Minnesota.  He was staying in a hotel in Minneapolis. He is from a neighboring state.

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