The state fair.


Pretty sure it's impossible to social distance at an event like that.  One would think that it would be cancelled this year.  I know that it's the end of August, but the way things have been going, what do you think the odds are that we will be able to hold an event like that?

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I, for one, love the state fair.  It's like the one time I go around and pretty much eat what ever I want, check out all of the animal barns, all the exhibits, strange things, and take in all that is the Minnesota State Fair.  One of the best fairs in the country.  And it would be so disappointing not to have this event.

If you go to the state fair website, they have an update there that states that they are holding out hope that there will still be a way to have the event.  But they have also said that they aren't going to do it if there needs to be restrictions.  Like have the fair normally with no restrictions, or no fair at all.

I saw on a random Facebook post that someone said they have a friend who is one of the vendors at the fair, and they have been notified that the fair will be cancelled.  But can you believe that?  Total hearsay. I need proof. Anyone have any?

For now, I'm going with the website until they make the announcement that the fair has been cancelled.  Until then... fingers crossed.

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