I have to admit it would be tempting just to withdraw the mistakenly deposited funds from your account and disappear, but deep down you have to know you're going to get caught.

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What happened with Irene Thompson, an employee of New Flyer of America Inc in Crookston, Minnesota according to valleynewslive.com, was on the last payday of 2022 New Flyer accidently deposited into Thompson's account $137,521.94.  That's a pretty big chunk of money compared to her usual biweekly pay of $1,126.60.

It was over 2 weeks before New Flyer caught the error and by that time, Thompson had been to Texas on a spending spree. New Flyer sent Thompson a letter stating that she needed to return the money that had been mistakenly deposited in her account. They also attempted to contact her by phone and email, to no avail.

New Flyer even contacted Wells Fargo Bank in an effort to get the deposit into Thompson's account reversed. Wells Fargo informed New Flyer that a reversal was not possible.

Thompson told police that she had planned on making December 30th of 2022 her last day and thought the extra funds were from her 401K fund. Police discovered that there was only about $14,000 in Thompson's 401K.

Thompson now faces charges in the matter and that won't be the least of her problems. Somehow she's going to have to replace the significant amount of the money she had already spent.

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