Now that the vaccine is more readily available, including the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that is just one dose, the CDC is releasing new guidelines for social gatherings indoors.

Eastern Colorado VA Receives Shipments Of Covid-19 Vaccines
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A person is considered fully vaccinated after 2 weeks of receiving the second dose or after the first dose if receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.  When you are considered fully vaccinated, you can participate in some more social activities even around people who are not vaccinated, with some guidelines. This is referring to private social gatherings, not public ones... yet.

This is what the CDC has directed:

At least this is allowing grandparents who haven't been able to see their families, kids and grandchildren for a year or more able to see their loved ones.  This really does mean a lot to so many people.  When this is something you normally would have looked forward to on a regular basis and it was taken away for so long, this is a huge improvement.

And, I like the fact that if you have been exposed, and you are fully vaccinated, you don't  have to get tested or even quarantine unless you develop symptoms.  This is also a huge improvement.  Baby steps, but at least it's moving in the right direction.

If you are fully vaccinated and in public, and/or around people who are unvaccinated and/or at a higher risk of getting severely sick from COVID, the guidelines haven't really changed as of yet.  Those remain in place.

This part is what we've all been used to for a year. Hopefully things continue to improve.

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