We all know and have been hearing how important it is for people to be giving back as much as they possibly can.  Especially now.

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There is a Minnesota based company called Matter Box. They are located in St. Louis Park.  And some of what they do is helped out by you.  They have several different ways that they help families around  the world, but you can help them out with the Matter Box Kit.

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The Matter Box Kit is a kit that you order and you put it together yourself.

What's in these snack packs?  They all include a wholegrain cracker, unsweetened apple sauce, peanut butter- it's actually a peanut butter substitute to be cautious of peanut allergies, and also includes a note of encouragement.

How do you obtain one of these kits to put together and distribute?  If you are near the twin cities area, you can just go to the headquarters and pick one up. If you would  rather  have one shipped to you, there is that option as well.

Matter Box is a great company that does so much for people in need.  Plus, you can feel good about helping in that cause.  When they say it's better to give than to receive is definitely felt through this program.  Find out more about Matter Box and what they do at Matter.ngo

Happy Holidays!

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