Today is National Donut Day and I found out that unless you get up at 5am, good luck beating the vultures who inhale donuts.

I get in about 9am, so that's not THAT late, right? On a massive day like "National Donut Day", everybody should have the freedom to indulge in this amazing invention by Hanson Gregory in 1847, especially if you're in radio or law enforcement!

Ok, fine, they're all gone, I should've expected that. But to leave 1/4 of a donut in a large box on the table, to make it look like there may be a slight chance of partaking in this delight...that's makes my top 10 list of horrible things to do to a person. Why not get rid of the box and put the 1/4 of a donut on a small plate?

Whatever. I went to Casey's next door and bought a 1/2 dozen of my own donuts and shared the indulgence of them with my fellow co-workers who missed out. #DonutLife

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