Here's your excuse. . Go home and take a nap!  It's national napping day.  I hadn't really heard of this before, but that might be because I just wasn't paying enough attention.  But the Monday after the switch to Daylight Saving Time is always National Napping Day.  I guess it makes sense.  You could be not adjusting very well to the time change, and you might need a nap.


Here is the deal, however.  A perfect nap is only for a half hour.  Any more than that, and you risk disrupting your regular sleep schedule and any less, and you may just feel more tired than you did prior. People who sleep very well can generally adjust to the time change with no real issue.  People who don't sleep well normally might have more of an issue.


Maybe employers should play this more like they did when we were in Kindergarten.  Have a nap time for everyone.  Bring a blanket, a pillow and have a siesta.


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